The true review

It may contain a few spoilers

Great cast,but...

M other's Day is not a failure at all, there is a certain sensuality in them, manipulating emotions in Hollywood have learned a long time and use skills to the fullest. But at the same time the picture does not look like a single whole - Marshall's appeal to the favorite structure of the disparate novels, in the finals of entering in a single unifying impulse, this time does not work, each of the stories resembles a detail from a puzzle from different sets. Moreover, even inside novels there is discomfort, as if actresses do not understand each other well, or even silently hate.

Especially, alas, it is noticeable in the episodes with Julia Roberts . This beloved actress Garry Marshall already got the most impressive role of such a teledivus, which rarely leaves the frame, so also partners from all sides seem to press on Roberts. The scenes of Julia look awkward andJennifer Aniston(Actresses actually acted separately), and with Britt Robertson, and even Hector Elizondo no longer pulls Julia, but rather drowns. A sad sight.

What's wrong with Jennifer?

D o you think this is the only disconnect in the film? Not at all. Rarely falsely look in the frame with the already mentioned Aniston. Jennifer generally seems to be in the wrong place in the film - an actress who diligently "becoming young" in the role of a pretended mummy does not look funny, but it's a pity. Even her pickings with a very young rival are not fun at all - it creates the full impression that Aniston on board the project came in at the last moment, replacing someone from the retired stars..


T o top it all off, I'd like to add the fact that "Incomparable Lady" is a pathologically unlinky movie. Completely failing the dialogues and ridiculing all the bearded jokes, the authors start "all the hard" - Sudeikis falls from their verandas, Aniston gets stuck in a vending machine with chocolates, and Hudson flees from the giant uterus made by her sister for a gay and lesbian parade. If something can stop Garry Marshall, now is the time to use this secret weapon..

Western Mother's Day is absolutely not the same as eastern March 8th. International Women's Day bears the stamp of some kind of industrialism, internationalism and passionately, while Mother's Day is a holiday home, cozy and warm. In many TV series it has long been used along with Halloween and Christmas for special issues, but in the movie on the holiday only horrors fall - in a literal or figurative, as now, sense. Fortunately, the holiday is annual - there is an opportunity to improve. Only without the participation of Julia Roberts, please!

Dedicated to the bright memory of Garry Marshall - an outstanding comedian and one of the most worthy directors of the melodramatic genre. The shock of hearing the news has not yet "let go," but a sense of loss and pity is already coming. Rest in peace and let the earth rest in peace, Mr. Marshall.