Jennifer Lee

Date of birth April 19, 1979 (age 39), USA

Occupation Actress, businesswoman

Role in the movie Emily Fields.

She always imitated her mother, so from the very childhood she dreamed of becoming an actress. But her parents wanted her daughter to choose a more mundane career. Once a seven-year-old, her mother was taken to film "Wild Cats." The girl was noticed and invited to appear in the film. She played her first role - the role of the daughter of the heroine Goldie Hawn. Mother decided not to interfere with the implementation of her daughter's dream, and after graduation, she was allowed to enter the theater school.

Lee did not want to sharpen her acting skills in the student theater. She decided to go to Hollywood right away. She wanted to prove to everyone that she can get to fame on her own, without the connections of her famous parents. Lee hired her agent and started attending all screen tests. Jennifer Lee likes to play such roles and she does not hurry to reorient herself to be an actress of serious genres. Most likely this is only the beginning of a successful career, Jennifer Lee, since the debut in the movie of this young actress passed a few years.

Brandon Ross

Date of birth September 18, 1975, USA

Occupation Actor, announcer, screenwriter and comedian

Role in the movie Bradley Barton

He began his stage career with comedy improvisation, and received his first fame as the creator of sketches for the successful TV show "Saturday Night Live". In addition, he starred in the sitcom Tina Fei, the comedy Jodie Hill and David Gordon Green "At the Bottom," Bobby Farrelli's tape "The Unwritten Week", Seth Gordon's film "The Imperfect Bosses," and Rowson's comedy Marshall Terber "We - Millers. "

Brandon played with famous Hollywood actors: with Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Oeon Wilson. On his account - a lot of films that fell in love with the audience in the US and around the world. Jason's filmography at the moment is about 30 films. He continues to withdraw and participate in interesting projects. Broandon met with actress Olivia Wilde. From the end of 2011 began their romance, which flowed into a marriage in the winter of 2013. In the spring of 2014, Olivia was born the first child - the boy Otis Alexander.

Julia Roberts

Date of birth October 28, 1967, USA

Occupation Actress and producer

Role in the movie Miranda Collins

At age 13, Julie Roberts worked as a waitress in a pizzeria, attended Fitzgew Lee Elementary School, Griffin High School, and Campbell College in Smyrna. Several times she took part in a local beauty contest, but never passed the finale. In her school years, she was so impressed with the actor's successes of her older brother that she began to participate in local amateur productions.

Roberts owns the film company Om Red Films, and in addition, is actively engaged in charitable activities. July 4, 2002, Julia married the cameraman Daniel Moder. In their family, three children are growing - the twins Hezel Patrice and Finneas Walter (born November 28, 2004) and another son, Henry Daniel (born June 18, 2007). Julia lives with her family in her penthouse in New York (in Manhattan) and at a ranch in Tahoe. She also has a mansion in Malibu, California.

Jennifer Aniston

Date of birth February 11, 1969, USA

Occupation Actress, film producer, and businessperson

Role in the movie Sandy Newhouse

American actress Jennifer Joanne Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) is the star of the popular in the 90s sitcom "Friends." And although the role of spoiled and self-willed Rachel Greene brought her fabulous fame, she can in no case be considered an actress of one role - filmography Aniston has more than a dozen interesting projects.

Inspired by father's example, Jennifer began to build a career as an actress, when she turned 11 years old. It was at this age that the future Hollywood star began to perform in the drama school of Rudolf Steiner's school. Despite the fact that the actress is about to trade the sixth decade, even girls can envy her figure, and her charming face, over which time, apparently, is completely uncontrollable, still captivates men's hearts. As a consequence, she easily gives the role of young beauties and innocent seducers.