Learn The Basic Techniques Related To Sewing

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November 11, 2018
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November 11, 2018

Learn The Basic Techniques Related To Sewing

Whether you need to create your daughter’s craft project for her school or you need to design a dress on your own, you need to learn sewing. If you don’t know how to sew, it is not possible for you to stitch the clothes. When it comes to sewing clothes or stitching, many people prefer to get the services of professional tailors to get all types of stitching work done. Many professional tailors are available nowadays. In case, you want the things to be done on your own, you need to learn sewing. Many experts offer online sewing courses like the website TeachYouToSew.com to make it easier for you to learn to stitch.

Sewing in the straight line
In the course of learning sewing, learning to sew in the straight line is the first lesson. To learn sewing in a straight line, take a piece of cloth and fold it so that you can feel as if you are stitching two layers of fabric. Thread your machine; adjust the stitch length after taking the fabric under the presser foot. Now, line your fabric with the right side of the presser foot and down the presser foot. Slowly start the machine and start stitching. Keep the edge of the fabric at least 1cm inside so that you can get a perfect and straight line.

Sew in a zigzag manner
After you have mastered over stitching straight, you should learn how to stitch in a zigzag manner. This is the next most important and popular style of the stitch which is used for stitching various types of clothes. Zigzag stitches are sturdier and are used to prevent fraying or to give attractive looks to the clothes. Single color or multicolored zigzag lines can be made on the surface of the fabric to add beauty to your dress. Automatic machines are available with the zigzag setting. You need to select this stitching pattern, adjust the length and the width of the stitches and go on.

Sew the zipper easily on your dresses
Zipper dresses are stylish. Different types of zippers are available for different types of dresses. It doesn’t matter which type of zipper you want to have on your dress, you should learn the technique from the experts to sew the zipper on your dresses. Buy the zipper, open it and check out whether it is needed to be centrally applied or lapped.

Attach the zipper to the sewing machine by taking off the presser foot. Now place the foot of the zipper inside either on the right or the left and place the needle on the side which you want to sew first. Adjust the zipper foot on the side which you want to stitch. The area which you are going to shut should have basted shut. A part of the zipper cover should be basted while regular stitching should be done for the seam. You can also mark with the pins by laying the zipper down. Now move the zipper in either of the directions.

There are many more things to learn about sewing. You can learn many more techniques by getting the right tutorials from the experts.

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