A Big Mass Of Singapore Wants To Reside In Ecs Of Piermont Grand

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January 1, 2019
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A Big Mass Of Singapore Wants To Reside In Ecs Of Piermont Grand

A large number of people in Singapore are attracted by the plan and budget housing plans of Piermont Grand. Due to this, there is a big rise in demand of executive condos of this township and applications are filling really very fast but due to limited condos build by the developers, they will only land a limited number of families in these high-end but affordable condos.

The developers of the township, CDP Constellation, and TID Residentials Pte have built these executive condos keeping in mind that how they can give luxurious life to people keeping the cost in their budget. These executive condos are just the upgraded versions of HBD flats in the country but stuff with over hundreds of amenities in it, to make the life of residents comfortable. Below are some points that briefly discuss the reasons why people prefer these executive condos over any other budget flat.

Accessibility to facilities

The executive condos of this township are located at the prime location which gives access to all the necessary facilities like there are two rapid transit stations outside the township that are at a walking distance from condos. Also, these condos are located at Sumang walk so most of the private facilities, recreational centers, shopping malls and all the big schools of the city are located in this area which makes it easier for the residents to access all the facilities near their residences only.

The layout of the township is designed in such a way that all of the facilities inside it are near the condos that every resident can access them easily like parks, gym, swimming pool, yoga centers, playgrounds and many. You can ask your broker to show them during your show flat visit.hem

Luxurious Lifestyle 

One of the most important reasons that these ECs are gaining control of the residential housing market is because more people are getting to taste the lifestyle filled with high-end luxuries. Every condo is stuffed with luxurious amenities like there are modern bathrooms with Jacuzzi hot tub in every unit and every condo has its separate gym and fitness centers where residents can draw off their tiredness from the whole day. Another luxurious feature of these top-notch condos is that residents will be provided with hotel-style room service and there is no doubt that people will get extraordinary treatment in these condos and there are many more features like this which you can ask your broker to show you.

Isn’t it great, that you can access all these facilities and amenities at lesser prices than any other executive condo in the country? This validates why a large mass of people in the country wants to reside in these executive condos because they are worth investing in.

Final Word

Since these executive condos are in high demand thus the condos are also being sold very quickly. It is highly recommended that if you want to spend the rest of your life in such a house then you should be filling the e-application on their website as soon as possible.

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